New project - T(umbling) B(locks) C(razy) Q(uilt)

I am posting this in hopes that it will actually spur me on to acheiving something in the needlework department.
Planning for a new quilt - a wallhanging actually. I don't think I have another double bed quilt in my at the moment, and while I enjoyed the Black CQ, it was a strictly "thread only" affair, and I want to EMBELLISH with beads, and ribbons, and buttons and doo-dads.

So here is the plan. Input from you is wanted (and expected!!)

You may think this looks are right. Sharon Bs Crazy Diamonds was a really inspiring piece for me, so that is the plan.
The top diamond will be pieced in creams, and embellished with my lovely sassalynne threads, beading, SRE, and anything else I can think of ( a-la Pam Kelloggs flower wallhanging - two inspirations for the price of one!!)

The other two sides I haven't decided. I was thinking grey, embellished with white stitching only, and then black, embellished with black stitching only. I want to keep these sides more simple, for a couple of reasons, the main one being that they will stitch up the same as my postcards, so they will be portable for  the weekend conferences that I attend.

That sounds a bit boring doesn't it??

Other thoughts were to have the 'dark' side in hues of grey, with black embellishment, and the 'light' side in a colour, maybe shades of green, or maybe I could manage to do them all different.... Although I am not a rainbow-y type of gal... and that side would still be embellished with white stitching to ensure that the light and shade of the tumbling blocks pattern is maintained. I do prefer "muddy" colours, so maybe it won't look rainbow-y. I would also use the graduated dyed cottons I favour for the 'coloured' sides. I guess if I do colour, and don't like it, I will be giving away a whole lot of diamond shaped postcards!!

So , there are my thoughts. What are yours?? I am excited about getting started on this, but I need my mum to get home and make me a template, and some of my special online buds are helping me out with cream i sit, and wait.


Dolores said...

As soon as I read your ideas I thought that no matter what you do with the black, you wouldn't be able to see it. What about a light or medium grey with white stitches and embellishments and the darker in a dark grey with black threads and embellishments. I think it may be that you would have to do a trial run - do a sample and see what you like/don't like. You may find yourself going in a totally different direction. Gosh I am long winded tonight.

Ati. said...

Hi Jo, nice you are back in blogland :) What ever you decided to do, I know it will end up beautiful. I myself would lent to your second idea, because all black is so very black ;)

Marty52 said...

Jo, how about one light shade of gray or a muted pastel with your varigated threads for one side and then the other have a darker shade of gray with gray and some darker varigated threads to complement it. Black is so very black and might be too much of a contrast. Also, I've learned that white stitching on black really stands out and may draw the eye away from the design a bit too much. Just my 2 cents worth!

Momma Bear said...

Peanut Gallery reporting in;)

black and grey may seem a little stark with the softness of cream colors, I agree light stitching on black will pop more than the other two blocks because the contrast there will be greater.

though using shades of the same color thread on each block would be an interesting color study instead of different color fabrics.

But then I have a hard time staying in one or two color groups being all-colors-all-the-time-girl I use orange liberally in everything!)

Anonymous said...

Going against the mainstream here, I say go with the black fabrics because black makes everything else pop. Just don't stitch on it in black. Maybe in grays, maybe in creams to match the top, but not black.

I think it matters what else you are doing with the pieces, too. Is this a project like postcards, or are you going to make a wall hanging of it? How would the tumbling blocks fit together in a wall hanging? If I were you, I'd look at a lot of old traditional tumbling blocks from the era when they were made from wool suitings and see what values appeal to you.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I see it is a wallhanging, and postcards only if you don't like the pieces. Maybe one of your friends will have this book, or you can find it at the quilt store:

One traditional one with a black side

Interesting one in all creams

Magpie's Mumblings said...

hmmmm...interesting question to ponder. I like the concept, for sure. My idea would be to make your cream 'tops' the focal point and then the two other 'side' pieces in two colours (black and grey maybe?) and then embroider them simply reversing the colours (ie. embroider grey on the black fabric and black on the grey fabric). Then the embroidery would show up more and yet would'nt compete overly with the more embellished 'tops'. Hope you follow what I mean!
No matter what you do, I know it will be gorgeous anyway!

Pam Kellogg said...

Hi Jo,

So glad to see you back! Missed you!!

I'm one of those girls that just hates gray! Everyone tells me I'm too black & white. I guess I like contrast. How about black & white & a grayish blue color? I think that would be quite lovely! And BTW - thank you for your compliments on my stitching! My crazyquilting is just as crazy as my head! ;)


wilma said...

I think you first have to decide if you are making all the blocks in the same cream, grey and black. Otherwise you can best divide your fabrics in light, medium and dark and then just pick 3 coordinated fabrics. For instance if you pick for the darks a very dark blue, brown or greens that looks almost black from a distance you get a more lively quilt, hope you understand what I mean.