TBCQ - 1st 'unit'

Thanks so much for all your ideas and suggestions.

I need you to know that I tried...I really tried, but it had to be black!! I did my cream block, I did my grey block, then I spent an hour and a half searching through ALL my fabric trying to decide what the 'accent' colour would be. It's black!! It works.

 I am going to try darker threads to embellish the seams on the black (did I mention "it's black") side - thanks Willa for that suggestion/thought/spark of an idea -to make it more 'lively'. The grey side is pretty much done for now ( pic to come later). I used white and a light beige-ish sassalynne thread to break the white. I am going to stick with just stitching for now until I am sure this is the colour scheme ( I am pretty sure it is).

I wanted to say a belated thankyou to those who suggested windows live writer as well...unfortunately, my computer won't download it, I have tried several times. Blogger and the pics seem to be behaving, but I much preferred uploading all the pics I wanted to use in one go, then clicking and selecting what I wanted, this "new and improved" way is rather labourious and slow.


Dolores said...

I'm glad you decided to do what you wanted to do. I am looking forward to the progress.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I'm really looking forward to seeing these as you work on them! I love the idea and what you're planning to do.

Mary Corbet said...

Hi, Jo!

This quilt looks like it's going to be loads of fun!

The picture really caught my eye. On the wood decking, the block looks like a real block. It sort of seems to sit up off the wood. Funny!

It'll be great watching this next project of yours progress.... I'll be lingering about, seeing what you do!

Hope all's well on your end o' the world!


Anonymous said...

Black is perfect! The blocks look great!