I'm Back.....

I am back from holiday. We had a lovely break, and we did heaps this year too.
I have posted quite a few pictures to Facebook. I think you can view them without being a member.
Kawau Island trip
Goat Island
Round the Rocks
Bush Walk

there is also a whole lot of randomness over on flickr in the "Textile Inspirations" set.

No stitching done AT ALL - I need to find a long term project I can sink my teeth into this year, and I have been mulling over Sharon Bs tumbling blocks quilt quite a lot.  I have also been mulling over Pam Kelloggs handkerchief flower quilt..... who wants to bet right here and now, that I get absolutely nothing done this year! Now that's not to be negative about myself, but I have a new job, and bigger responsibilities, and while I love to stitch, I may have to stick to 'no stress' stuff. Though having said that i am not terribly excited by doing postcards at the moment either. I think a quilt, I can stitch away on as I feel so inclined may be just the thing. The tumbling blocks I am thinking of doing in black and white and ??? one colour? a mixture of colours? a graduation of colour? random colour? (all monotone, but overall just random. Oh, just the thought of random sends me into a sweat. It wont be random!!). I love batiks, but I love my Sassalynne threads and want to use those.

I purchased some of Kay Susan's (S'mockeryS'mart) fabulous Frakenfish. They were waiting for me when we got home. I will post pics later.
Sorry for the lack of links but they are all in the sidebar....

I was very good girl this summer, and I did walk regularly. Not every day, but regularly. The aquarobics is great for cardio fitness, but it doesn't build muscle mass in your legs because your body is supported by the water, so walking is not a fun thing for me to do. I did the small bush walk to the bay. I set a goal of doing the "perimeter track" before we went home, and I did it! It wasn't easy, but I did it, AND I could still walk the next day. Good job too as our nice relaxing ferry trip to a local island turned into a bit of a mammoth hike when we took a wrong path. I was fucked! and I even cried I was so tired, but I did that too, AND could still walk the next day. So all in all I am feeling very proud of myself. I am pretty sure that there was no weight gain over the holidays.

This is Waiwera, where we stay for our holidays. You see the large tree in the middle of the picture(up the top) and the tree to the right of it, you can just see a house in front of that tree, well our place is just in front of that house. It is such a great spot, and the kids love it.

I have rattled on enough. Time for bed.


Lorenza said...

Welcome back, Jo, your pictures show us wonderful and sunny places, on the other side of the world we have grey, cold and more cold!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Glad you had a good holiday. I'm so curious to know what that is in the top picture...is it a real thing or a stitched thing (not that stitching isn't 'real', but you know what I mean!). Cactus?

Wendy said...

So glad your holiday was fun and good. Also glad to see you back here. Looking forward to seeing what you will be stitching on this year.

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Welcome back Jo! |It sounds like a wonderful hoiday and I am so happy to hear how great it was for you! The pictures are wonderful!

Jo in NZ said...

MA, they are sea urchins, or what we call 'kina'. They are covered in brown spikes when they are alive, and this is what is left when they die and dry out, and the spikes fall off. These wash up on the beach like this.

Gerry Krueger said...

Welcome back and good luck on your new job....a major change in the direction. has to be exciting and challenging...good for you... The stitching will take care of itself... If all yours threads start to get moldy you can send them to me!!!!

Gerry K.

FredaB said...

Hi Jo

Glad to see you back. I wondered why you weren't posting and now I know. Forgot about your guys being off school now.

I don't know what they are called in the top pics but I bought some last christmas at a bazaar made into christmas ornaments. All they did was put a cap on it and gold thread for hanging and they were very pretty. I guess they come out of the ocean around here also.



black bear cabin said...

looks like a wonderful vacation spot...no wonder the kids love it! welcome back :)

kay susan said...

Welcome back. Congratulations on the job. After seeing those holiday pictures, I've gone quite green again!