Paisley how to

Lillian, from one of my yahoo groups asked me to explain how I do the paisley motifs, so here it is.
#I draw -freehand- a paper template. I only did a template for the large 'teardrop'. The smaller 'tail' I freehand stitched
#I pin that to fabric, which ever way I want it, or it fits.

#I then chain stitch the outline. You can use any stitch you like, back , outline, stem, but I like chain.
# I then just worked my way in. One this one I did a row of buttonhole (light blue). Then another row of chainstitch (dark blue) , a row of detached chain stitch with a bead at the point of each (dark blue). I eyeball distance for all of this. I'm afraid there is no magic formula, I just do it.
# next I did the circle in the middle, in chain stitch again. I stitched around a paper template again for this. Filled this in with satin stitch, then added the bead.
# Finally I decided what I would put in the rest of the 'space'. For this one, it was a row of feather stitch , starting above the circle and working down either side (light blue), some chain stitch up the centre, and a few french knots.
Apart from the template, I do all this freehand. I guess you could use 'press and seal', but we don't have it here, and I have heard it said that it can be difficult to get PnS out from under a heavily stitched design. If you have an opinion on how it would work for this, please leave a comment for those who are interested. Thanks.

I worked this one in pretty much the same way. Outline in chain, then I did the inner line of chain stitch (gold), THEN I put in the fly stitch (dark blue). The next bit I did on this one is the dark blue paisley shape around the flowers. This is freehand (what I would call) stem stitch. Then I just filled in all the gaps, did the flowers and french knots and did the chain stitch swirls wherever the needed to go.
I hope this helps Lillian. I would say ,once you have the outline , go 'crazy'!! just fill it in!


Linda said...

oooooh. I DO like this.

Think I might go and try it - stay tuned (but don't hold your breath!)

June said...

Hi Jo,'
I love this paisley. Found out about your blog on CQ for newbies. Love your work. June

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the how to! Your freehand stitching looks so nice that I don't think you need Press'n Seal. :-) I've only used Press'n Seal twice and have no complaints about removing it. I've had far worse problems removing tissue paper. But so far I've only used it on a very simple stem stitch motif and stitched words.

kay susan said...

Thanks for the tutorial - love this!

Conni said...

Your work is gorgeous! I came here from Lillian's blog. Thanks for the wonderful tutorial...

Unknown said...

Thanks. I love paisley. I'm gonna give it a try :-)