truckin' along

Here is the pic of one of the bags I got assembled. It looks very nice. The handles still need that final stitching done.

and here is the blue(ish) stripy bag
This was fun to do. Like a postcard, with the seam treatments, but I got to add lots of beads and sequins .
I got myself a small OTTlite and i am using that in the evenings. I am still having trouble distingushing colours, but i do think it is better. I could tell the blue from the green in this bag, so that is a great start.
Apart from assembling the bags, I am going to start working on Kerrys Xmas RR block next.


Gerry said...

Jo, this black bag is gorgeous! Very nice job. BTW, how's the lite working out for you? I'm looking for a better 'task' light.


Raspberry said...

It's lovely - are you going to put any bags on Etsy?

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Gorgeous bags, Jo! My favourite is the blue stripey one - can't wait to see it put together! Now, hurry up and get it done so you can stitch on that round robin block (more of a wedge than a block though, eh?) I am anxiously waiting to see you work your magic!

Marty52 said...

I hope you put that green/blue one on Etsy... I sure would like to make it mine! ;0)

helen-mary said...

The embroidery & beading on the blue bag is just gorgeous. Much talent & beauty coming out of you.