Busy Day, mucho acheivedo

After beavering away last night and today I have two more bags completed and listed over on ETSY.
My Shabby Chic Green - a more casual affair

and this sexy little moulin rouge-esque black on red - definitely 'red'y for a night out
( bad joke, I know)
I am getting the hang of all the little tricks for putting these bags together and it is getting easier and easier each time. They are fully reversible (so no exposed seams inside) and that poses the occasionaly problem.

I have the hand finishing to do on the custom orders, and then another to assemble. Hopefully those will ready to post tomorrow.


I thought I would post here an answer to a question on one of my groups. You might find it useful!! Here is the pic the post relates to

I just have a tip to share for colours etc. I try to use colour of a similar
shade or value in the adjoining patch. So, for the dark velvet patch, I would
use an equally dark thread/ribbon, ( or sequins/ beads for embellishment) in the
patches adjoining (above) it. That helps the lines not look so severe, as the
seams can 'flow' into each other.
I did have a hard time picturing (Leslies great isn't she!), but I thought your
lace was lovely, and is leaving some room for some lovely embellishment. I am
thinking you will do your herringbone at the botton (flat side) of the lace, up
into the lighter patches. On the lace there are three teardrop shapes above each
point, they would look great with your organza ribbon in a simple ribbon stitch
in each one. The holes in the middle of the scrolls could have a pink bead in
each to match the rose. The points could have a fan in a lighter purple, pulling
those other patch colours down into the darker patch.
All just "COULDS" to give you (and others reading) ideas, absolutely no "have


Vicki W said...

The bags are lovely!

TattingChic said...

Your bags are so pretty! I love the blues and browns in the first one shown, especially! :)

Rose Anne B said...

JO I just your your "red-y" bag she just begs to go out into the night dining/dancing!!!

As for the question I am just learning to "dress-up" laces and love your explanation and am just thrilled you put it onto your blog for all to read! Much appreciated.