A few finishes

Sunday here. Its cold (just as an aside) and I have been busy.
Done today.
One black bag assembled, lined, sewn up -just hand fininshing to do.
One green bag, assembled
One red bag - bits cut out
Other black bag - assembled, lining etc ready to cut out and sew.
Another black bag - pieced

Remember these

Well, they are now these..
and they are listed over at ETSY. I was a bit clever this time and put a small lining in them. A bit tricky, but I did succeed. 
This block has morphed into this

She is quite lovely. This was a great way to use a block. She is here.
Thats me for now. Amazing Race has just started. 


Anonymous said...

WOW you were busy and did a fantastic job. I love the block that you turned into the little woman. It came out very nice as a doll. Your stitches are so amazing, you have a real eye for placement!! Well done.

p.s. could you remind me where to find some small rulers you once talked about. I want to get them so bad and need to see how much they are so I can save to get some.

Your work is inspiring!!!!! You are a treasure Jo!!!!!

Linda Walsh said...

Hi, Jo:

I hope you know that I LOVE all of your creations, Jo, but I especially LOVE the church doll. She's beautiful.

Have a great day.


Ati. Norway. said...

JO, you are a hurricane :) the doll is lovely !!

talia said...

ok, i think i've said this before but i totally quit sewing. you're work is so gorgeous!! i wish i was as talented as you are, Jo! absolutely stunning, the stockings and the doll! i love visiting your blog :)

TattingChic said...

Wow, those stockings are all so pretty! That's a lot of work. Very beautiful stitching you've got going on there, girl! :)

Anonymous said...

wonderful - i love they way you use the tatting. the doll is great.

Vicki W said...

The stockings are beautful!

MichelleMermaid said...

Jo, those stockings are CUTE!!!! I love them.
Great use for the doily block, too, very clever!
Dakotah :)