Black CQ - block #4

This is block number #4. A while ago the lovely Pam Kellogg from Kitty and Me sent me a baggie full of vintage laces, and this handpainted piece of fabric that she had done. The picture is not great of it, but it is lovely, and I am very pleased to be able to use it one of my blocks. I wish you had signed it Pam. Don't know if the crocheted (?) circle is staying where it is.
I am making a quilt for my bed, and at this stage intend for the blocks to be joined with no sashing. I have been making the blocks as I finish the previous one, rather than all at once. I am finding that I tend to put certain fabrics always in the same place - velvet in two corners. I need to think a bit more about this when piecing. So although I am approaching each block individually, I need to keep the big picture in mind.

I have had other thoughts about this CQ too. Like maybe alternating each embellished block with a plain one, on which I would stitch a doily, or tatting or something. But then I think that the white/cream of these pieces might be too harsh on the quilt. When I get a few more blocks done I will experiment and post pics.
Have any of you seen any examples of black CQs that you can point me in the direction of?

Go and check out Pams blog and have a look at the 15, YES 15!! comfort dolls that her Mum has put together for the Comfort Doll Project (check top of my sidebar for details).


Melissa said...

Awesome Jo! I'm doing a CQ bedspread too! Mine is going to be whites, creams, light golds and will be washable (gentle only)! I only have done 3 blocks so far not totally embellished yet but it's fun! I didn't realize you were doing a bed quilt too!

Marty52 said...

This is so beautiful, Jo. I've seen the black blocks you have been making, but didn't know it was going to be a bedspread. Lovely!

I'm in the process of doing a CQ border in black... there will be colors in the center, though. You might check it out and see if you get any ideas. I've just finished the piecing, so no embroidery yet.

alisonmc said...

15!! Amazing!

I haven't seen any black CQ quilts but I did see a quilt in Homespun a year or so ago that was pieced with predominantly black blocks and a few lighter colours here and there. It was quite effective. Doilies sound like a wonderful idea. Just do it and see!