A completely uninspired title, but not an uninspired post. I have been busy this week with meetings and workshops....nothing fun at all.That's not true, I love getting together together with Playcentre people, but, it's not crafting is it?
Comfort dolls have been coming in from around the South Pacific. Arohanui (much love) to all who are contributing to this project.This is a second doll from Joy . The colours in this one are stunning, and her Brazillian embroidery is gorgeous.
These next two dolls are from Maureen . Sadly, one of these lovelies faces cracked during transit. I will replace it before donating it. They are ab fab faces to. That clever fimo rolling technique. Love'em.

Finally, my progress on Amy's Tone on Tone block. This is quite a big block, so I will add some more before sending it off. This block is actually my worst nightmare for stitching on at night. I cannot tell blues and greens ( as well as many other colours) apart under artificial light. It is a form of colour blindness, and at least one person every generation has it. My great grandfather had a fleet of trucks, they had to be red as it was the only colour he could see. Get me, my mother and grandmother together in a fabric shop and we become the worst nightmare for the unsuspecting shop staff... LOL

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