So far

Here is the overall view so far. I do not have an order for the blocks - I just wanted to look at them together. I am still having trouble with this as it is not my usual style. but I am liking it fine so far, and it is fun to stitch.
The top left is not finished yet ( again Pams fabric painting doesn't pic well) and I don't know about the stitching on the green. It doesn't pop.
Will need to add more to the top right, another motif somewhere.
The bottom left I am happy with. The lace is more of Pams hand dyed vintage stuff. It is great for this project as most of the pieces are quite "heavy".
The bottom right I am happy with apart from the tree motif in the gold patch. It just doesn't stand out. I will either frog it, or maybe just stitch over it. I don't think that will look strange....
I imagine that once the blocks are assembled, there will be some finshing up stuff to do in corners etc. I think there will be at least 16 blocks, unless I decide to sash and embroider the sashing, which is also an idea that appeals. So many quilts to be made, and only one life time...arghhhh.

If anyone feels like sending me some black fabric, please, don't by shy!


Pam Kellogg said...

Absolutely gorgeous Jo! This will be a fun project to follow!


meggie said...

Lovely as ever. I always love watching your progress.

Hideko Ishida 石田英子 said...

Jo, your black quilt is beautiful! Long ago I planned to do that and pieced a few naked ones, though still I haven't even started. I'll send some fabrics I gathered then.