Kids behaving so far....

It is school holidays here in NZ, and we have got thru the first day without killing each other. YAY. I have actually achieved quite a lot today. I fed the kids, three proper meals plus snacks, and a proper dinner (not cereal- remember that CHER film?). I did 4, yes 4 loads of washing, hung it out, bought it in, re spun it cos it pissed down, and will go thru the whole futile task again tomorrow...sigh
and I stitched. I worked on Lori's Halloween block last night. This is a big block, and there is still a big lot of space to fill up.
I added little cobwebs to 'fans'. Might need some spiders too. I also did the recipe
Here is the tree spirit doll today. It is really quite relaxing randomly stitching beads on any old place. This is not nearly finished. I am having a little difficulty embellishing after stuffing, but I think it is the shape rather than the process.

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Anonymous said...

Jo, this little tree doll is wonderful! I think you should go ahead and send this one to Pat. There's something about it that definitely gives a feeling of comfort. I think it's the open arms (branches). Looks like it wants a great big hug!

Kitty & Me