Comfort Doll inspiration

For those of you considering joining the Comfort Doll Project, here is some inspiration and eye candy...and where it all started!

We did a group swap on CQI, and Pat, who didn't join the swap, fell in love with Linda in NYs first doll, and asked Linda to make one for her. Pat has spoken on her blog about how the doll made her feel, and how her idea came about.
If you are wanting to contribute, but think to yourself, "I don't crazy quilt" No worries. Any type of doll is accepted for this project , as long as it is fabric based, and 6" or less in length. They could be felted , beaded, anything you are comfortable making. Keep in mind they should be reasonable light as Pat will be posting these all forward.

There is also a flickr group for dolls contributed. There isn't much there right now, but hopefully that will all change soon, with YOUR help.

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