just a post to keep you interested...

I have been stitching....honestly, but on what I couldn't really tell you. We have had a busy weekend. Jono's birthday on Friday, and my step daughter is leaving on her OE on Tuesday, so really just a weekend of time with her, a family lunch, more birthday stuff for Jono at nanny's today. The plus side of going to Mums was that they have broadband, and I get to 'youtube'. I was sent a link to a guy called Danny Dunn. Go see (if you can) He is just fantastic.
I have done a little bit on Cobi's second RR block, her theme being Jugendstil (art nouveau) . I spent a while looking at flickr images and sketched a few ideas. These gals are lucky I stitch better than I sketch!!
The black block is for a "crazy" I intend to make for myself, but you know...best intentions and all that....don't hold your breath. It will be prodominantly stitched, so it can go on my bed.


Amy a.k.a. dragonryder4 said...

Ohhhh Jo I just love that black block , I can't wait to see what you do with it .
Amy M aka dragonryder4

Susan said...

Okay, I won't hold my breath, but I *will* be very interested in what you do. I always use a lot of black in my own quilting, and love to see what it looks like with other colors. I know this will be beautiful!