Comfort doll complete

I completed the second doll for the 'Comfort Doll" project (see top of my sidebar). I used a fancy yarn around this one instead of beading. It is very soft and pleasant to hold. There are what I hope will be, inspirational, words embroidered on the doll, and a spiderweb for luck. Each doll, although donated anonymously, will be sent with a note for the recipient.
And here is the progress on the 'branchey' tree. Poor thing. I love the woven leaves, but they are quite hard to do on the narrow area. I think this doll will be my muse. It doesn't really fit the criteria of a comfort doll. I have been surfing blogs and there are some beauitful beaded dolls out there. My whanau (family) think they are voodoo dolls, and give me suspicious sideways glances when I pull them out!! I can have fun with this by randomly pulling out stray hairs and offering the the nail clippers. mwahahahahaaaaa


alisonmc said...

I like the leaf effect. Woven picots? Did you use stranded cotton? Way cool.

Pat Winter said...

Wonderful Jo! Thanks. The dolls will definitely be a comfort.

Charlene said...

As always, you can turn what could be a blurb into an artpiece! The one above is darling!

katelnorth said...

The tree doll is really interesting, Jo - looks like a hand to me as well. Can't wait to see where it goes. (and you crack me up, teasing your family like that)

Krazy Kathy said...

Jo, I don't understand why it isn't doesn't fit the criteria of a comfort doll. Please explain. You see, I have signed up to make some dolls, and I think your doll is great. What's wrong about it??

Kathy in CA, USA

meggie said...

I laughed at you, teasing your Whanau! You devil.

Grace said...

Hi Jo,

Thanks so much for leaving a comment on my blog so that I could find my way here and to Pat's blog - I just sent her a note and let her know I'd like to participate as well.

Take care and thanks again,

One Crabapple said...

These are Wonderful Comfort Dolls

FULL of Spirit !

Just Love Them !