Not so successful today (edited)

I always blog things that turn out well. Today stuff hasn't turned out so well, but I will blog it anyway, maybe you will learn something. I decided I REALLY wanted to make a 'tree' spirit doll. Below is the pieced tree form, which I really like (lesson #1).
..And here it is backed, stuffed and turned. Man! That was a mission (lesson #2). Don't get me wrong, I do like the form, and I will work with it, and it will look great when it is done, but all around, next time I will make the form so it looks more like the first pic once done. Not so branchey.
You might be wondering where the embellishment is? In my blog hopping I have come across beaders who make the form, then embellish, so, I know it can be done (but can I do it). I'm sure Lesson #3 will learnt during this process.

(edited to add 'improved' block. I'm much happier with the addition of the light blue strip)
This little number (taken with my old crappy camera) is for a undersea themed block. I really like the top left fabbie, and it does look marginally better in reality, but it really doesn't work in this block...but I use fuseable interfacing as a foundation, and it's staying. I might add a strip of the light blue thru it, to make it look more like shafts of light.

Speaking of crappy camera, i rang to get some progress on the repair time. They said 7 days, I waited 14! Sorry ma'am, they are waiting on a part from Hastings! HASTINGS! WTF!! Hastings is ONE day by courier, which I told them. Imbiciles. I want my camera back.


alisonmc said...

Hastings?! I'm with you - WTF?! For a start, who gets parts from Hastings?

I really like your branchy tree. I get what you're saying about the pieced version being a bit leafier than the turned version but the branchy tree is still a winner I think. By the way, you're not alone on the turning thing. Everything I turn and stuff looks entirely different to how I pieced it. Live and learn.

Anonymous said...

Love it Jo! But I love everything you do!

Am sending you lots of positive energy in hopes your nice camera comes back to you very soon.

I know I'd be even crazier than I already am if I didn't have mine!

Kitty & Me

meggie said...

WTF! Indeed. Hastings?? Unbelievable.
Hope it is back now.