Summer Breeze DYB - Bonnie's block complete

Bonnie's block is now done. The small piece of lace (or it could be very fine crochet) was one of the vintage bits sent to me from Pam Kellogg. I have used various threads on this block from perle to handdyed silks. The bottom seam, with the fans and the arches I saw on another blog (please claim it if it is yours) and loved it. It is very pretty, and came out great. The colours of the block are actually alot warmer than the pic shows, and the grey dot in the middle of the lace is a swarovski crystal and it adds lovely sparkle.


alisonmc said...

My you have been busy! Have I been away that long?! The fans are just beautiful, in fact, I think I might steal them for my next embroidery project.

Anonymous said...

Jo, this is absolutely beautiful! As is all of you work.

Kitty & Me

Faye Dianne said...

Hey Jo, I too, love the "Fans & Arches" stitch... have just been trying to study it. Would like to try it if that's OK? Lovely work Jo.
cheers - Faye

Ati. Norway. said...

Beautiful, beautiful, I love all your seam treatments.

meggie said...

That is really beautiful & the colours are so delicate.
The crystal will be perfect.