Apple Blossoms - Debbie's block

OMG!! I feel the need to run to the new camera has had an unfortunate accident, so we are back to the old faithful, you will need to squint to see the details. LOL All kidding aside, I love my new camera, and this old 2 megapixels just doesn't cut it!

Anywho, it's a round robin block, so pics must be taken, the show must go on- yadda yadda.
Here is Debbie's pink'n'creme block. I was the last to work on the block , so I filled in the gaps. This was an interesting experience for me. I tend to do big and bold when adding to a RR block ( you know, I love to be the centre of attention) I wanted to make sure that my additions didn't dominate the block. I don't mind that when I am first to stitch on a block, kind of sets the tone, but being last, I was careful to try and just compliment all the other work.
There are still a couple of small gaps in this block, but Debbie can add a personal touch when the block gets home.

I have added a pic of the whole block, and then a pic with my work circled, then detail shots.