I've been R.A.O.K.ed again!!!

Random Act Of Kindness...for those of you unsure what a RAOK is. And it has been a great week for me.
I came home today to find more packages in the mail box. Finally the RRs are here i thought. Well one is, but also a package from
Pam Kellogg , chock full of goodies, mostly her vintage hand dyed laces, but also some of her painted dryer sheets and fractal images, which I love.
Thank you Pam. All these treasures will be put to good use. I love the vintage stuff that Pam tracks down. Most of it has been handmade by someone (last century!!) and to me just has a real feeling about it....someone sat and created these, just as I sit now and create away on my bits and pieces. They are a connection to the past, and an affinty with people whose husbands probably didn't 'get' why they made things either! But I can cherish and respect those handcrafters now, and maybe somehow, they will know that.

I am truely appreciative and grateful to you Pam, and Charlene, and Hideko, and Vanessa ( I know there will be others I have missed), all people who have sent me things just because
. You are special people.


Sue in western WA said...

Lucky you! Wonderful things to create with and a wonderfully created friendship doll!

Susan said...

Thanks for letting me know how to handle this. =) I love Pam's goodies! You have some beautiful things to use in that group!