ROAK & new projects

...& new projects! I always feel like I am blogging about new projects, but never finishing anything! Although I know that is not true. CQ actually has proven to be one of the lesser creators of UFOs than many previous hobbies. I do get things done. I just like to get a start on things when they enter my head.
I recevied yet another RAOK this week. Thank you to Ati for these beads and doily piece. I am feeling incredibly spoilt at the moment, and very humbled by peoples generosity.

This is another spirit doll I am working on. Pat Winter is hosting a charity project on CQI. We are making 'comfort dolls'. They will be sent to womens shelters and gifted to the ladies who seek refuge there from abusive relationships. Abused women are, I guess you could call them a passion, of mine. I want to help them to understand that if they can live thru what they all ready have, they already have the strength to leave, and survive on their own, which many don't believe they do. After receving Leslie's doll, I know that something like this will at least take someone's mind off their problems for a while, and too know that someone they don't know, has taken time to think of them, well, it just might make a difference.
I don't have personal experience of an abusive relationship, but I did watch a friend spiral downwards into one, and it took her years to get out, despite having support of friends and family. The emotional and psychology abuse that these women are subject too is awful. My friend was one of those women that you think has it all together, and would never put up with something like this, AND she volunteered for the Women's Refuge at the time she met the guy. I don't know, I still don't understand.....but hopefully I can help others in some small way. Thanks Pat for doing this. Take it global girl, take it global!!
Here is my first doll so far. I drew the face on. I will bead around it. I will work more on this today, so stay posted.

These are two new key ring ID holders. They are for a friend and her sister, who got married in March (the sister). The fabrics are from the wedding and bridesmaid dress.
They will be 'lightly' embellished.


Susan said...

I love reading about your projects. Those key tags are great! What a nice idea. Are you putting any interfacing or timtex or something inside as a stiffener? Is it a little like making an ATC?

Krazy Kathy said...

Jo, I love the idea of ANYTHING that helps an abused woman feel better about herself. I was in a relationship like that when I was much younger. I still to this day do not really understand why I kept going back to that asshole, but I do know that abusive men hone in on women like us. I guess we are too loving, too caring, and too much do we want for everything to "be OK." We also suffer from great doubt in ourselves. It is so sad. I finally got pissed off and hit him back, and then told him if he ever touched me again I'd kill him in his sleep. He never touched me again, and a short time later I walked away. I think that I will check inot this doll making thing myself. Thanks for the heads up, and Jo, I so enjoy your blog.

meggie said...

I always know I am in for a treat when I visit your blog Jo!
One of my dearest friends was abused. It used to make me cry, & I begged her to leave. She did in the end, when it threatened the safety of her children. She told me she couldnt understand why she stayed either. She said in the end she believed him when he told her she was useless & worthless, & it was 'her fault'. Thankfully, she has had 4 wonderful men in her life since then...long story, but they have all treasured her, as she deserved.