Thinking Blogger meme

Well, this is a novel idea, a meme started by an anti-meme person. Original post here.
I have been tagged by Ati as a blogger who makes her think! Thanks Ati!!
So I am going to enter into the spirit and mention a few people ( return the meme if you like). I read blogs for the info and eyecandy, and of course the connections and friendships that can be formed thru them... not necessarily to make me think, so I had to think quite hard about blogs that make me think.

Talking about friendships that can be formed, and to flog her new blog, I will first mention Sandie. Sandie has just hosted a get together, which made me think that I should of prehaps spent that extra couple of grand in the savings and gone after all. Also Sandie is studying a subject that I find incredible interesting, and has got me to thinking that I should prehaps plan to do a little more with my life. Not necessarily in the area of forensics, but I should just plan to do more...

The second blogger that makes me think, is my friend Alison at Small Things. Alison is a fellow kiwi, and she makes me laugh. Her honesty posts are the ones that make me think, about myself. Alison and I would be great friends I think, if we ever meet. We have alot in common.

I have to add Sharon B, especially with TAST, and 100 stitches, and the Personal Library of Stitches class. Sharon makes us all think about extending ourselves and trying new things.
Pam Kellogg makes me think about all the new ways I could use sequins, and glizty and special dodads in my CQing, and Elizabeth at Quieter Moments has taken thinking to a new level with her exploration of the TAST stitches. Finally, Lauri at Don't Call Me Crafty has made me think about going boldly where no CQer has gone before!!

As I said, all the blogs I read I read because I love what the author has to offer, whether it makes me think or not, so thanks to you all.

This post also makes me think that I should try to come up with more thought provoking posts for my own blog, but then all that thinking would take valuable stitching time, and it hurts to think..... ouch!


Ati said...

Hi Jo, Yes i have to think all the time when I read blogs, English is my 2nd, or 3rd language , so it is not always easy to understend what everything means;))
And I didn't read all the text on the mainpage ;))))from that thinking thing!

Lauri said...

Hi Jo

Thank you for your kind comments. It is gratifying to know that others enjoy what you do.I guess I had better get my behind in gear on my Star Trek quilt huh?
I love reading your blog, you always seem happy and a little eccentric, kinda like me. Keep up the good work.