More Friendship Dolls

Here is the green 'Spirit of Friendship 'doll for the swap at CQI. There are 14 of us in this swap and I think most are doing more than one doll. There are some really creative embellishment ideas coming out of the group. Have used fancy yarn for the tassel, and I like the look, although I like the beaded ones too. I have done a garden type theme for this one, with lots of little bugs and garden dwelling creatures.
The whole doll, tassel included
A great pic of the doll, thanks to my nifty new pentax. Click and the pic will get bigger. I really think that green and pink are my favourite colours together, for CQ that is, I wouldn't live in it, not far off tho, our house is green and maroon (and cream)!
Close up of a woven ribbon rose (spider web rose). The stitch around the central patch is up and down buttonhole, with a bugle bead in each 'V'
These are the wee fargo roses (without wrapping the ribbon around the needle ), just straight running stitch. They come out flatter than the way my tutorial shows. Above that is the cast-on stitch. The base stitch for this is the herringbone stitch.
Do you like my new, more informative post? I tend to assume that it is only 'oldies' that stop by, so you all know what I have done, but I know there are a few who are newbies or nonCQers, so I shall endeavour to let you know more about what I do, rather than just posting pretty pictures

..and here is the pink doll. How many is that so far? I do have another sewn up, but I am completely uninspired by it, so it may just sit as it is.

The tassel looks alot better . The flash has done funky things to the colours.
I seemed to find these two harder to stuff than the others, and this ones shape is a little off.
From top to bottom there is a buttonhole wheel (the fan), with fly stitch inside. A freeform herringbone stitch. Buttonhole wheels again, the ribbony bits off the 'fans' are done in a twisted drizzle stitch. Spiderweb roses again. Freeform chevron stitch. Feathered up and down buttonhole, with small bugle beads in the 'v', inside a detached chain stitch. Phew...finally, one of the sequin flowers. People have be referring to my tutorial on these recently, which reminded me to use it!!
Below is a closeup of the sequin flower. Tuts are in the sidebar, and 99% of these stitches will be in SharonB's stitch dictionary.

One of mum's guilds had a show on the weekend and they had a market table. Mum flogged of 4 of my Key Ring card holders. Thanks mum. But do you know, there was some little shit there going around writing obsenities ON the quilts in marker pen!! I don't know....


Elizabet said...

I love these little dolls you are making!

And that child should have BRAT tattooed on its forhead....harsh?!moi?!

Sue said...

Glad you're aware that there are others besides the old standbys that are reading your blog! I come here nearly every day now for my "lesson" in embroidery or embellishment! Thanks for the eye candy and the info.

How many quilts did that vandal get? And what consequences will he/she face?

DelightfullyCrazy said...

I had not seen these friendship dolls till Catherine (Calidores Garden) made me a study dolly. I must blog mine, as it is so cute to show you. Your dollies are beautiful, again there are those pinks that are delicious ...... the embellishing is stunning, your swap partners would be thrilled no doubt!

alisonmc said...

I'm frustrated because I've run out of new words to describe how much I love your work. You're so damn good at EVERYTHING you do. Jealousy.