Gail's block...again

True to my usual form, Gail's block was not finished, but now it is! I thought I should take my own advice, and break up the long line of lace. I have added some SRE flowers and some greenery. Can you see the difference? With just the lace, your eye skipped right along it to, well, nothing (at the moment). Now the eye stops to have a look at what has interupted it's journey, and it leads nicely down into those two empty seams waiting to be embellished. There are only two more people to work on this block, and I think it is going to come home beautifully done. I dislike seeing RR blocks returning home with empty seams and 'holes', I don't think this block will suffer that fate.

1 comment:

Melissa said...

Love it! I'd love to see the corner closer too the SRE looks like it is yummy!