Tradewinds DYB - Emikos block

This is my embellishment of Emiko's block for the Crazy Quilting International group. I have 'tried' to keep the embellishment on Emikos blocks a little less 'encrusted' than I would usually like to do, to make sure they stay in keeping with the blocks previously embellished. It's hard! There is alot more I could do to this. That button cluster is SCREAMING for beads ( yes Leslie, I might get more beading lol). Emikos block was lovely to work on. I really enjoyed the quiet colours.
You can find Emikos home page here . It is in Japanese, but the eye candy speaks volumes, if you don't happen to read Japanese.

A few people have left comments asking what I do with the 3" blocks. They are for a swap on the CQforNewbies yahoo group. I guess I will make a wee wallhanging when I get all mine back. I enjoy the process of CQing so much that I think I would just make stuff anyway. I had a tidy today and came across some finished blocks and thought to myself, I could keep myself going forever if I take all this stuff off here and put it on another block!! But then there would be no more S.E.X. posts.

(It's ok to say S.E.X. in front of my mum, because I know she does it too, just normally with her mates, not my dad. lol)


Melissa said...

I took a look at all the blocks and I think you could safely encrust some more if you want to! I think it's stunning as is right now though, but if you really, really want to add more I don't think it would hurt. I'm pretty sure Emiko likes the encrusted style anyway and she can always encrust more on the blocks that don't have as much encrusting when she gets them back.
Your work is STUNNING!!!! I love it!

meggie said...

Yes, your work is just Gorgeous!!
I would love to see it 'in the flesh'.

emiko said...

Melissa is right, I wouldn't mind if you add more embellishments on my block as I love encrusted blocks. Please just do whatever you want to. Thank you for your work, Jo!!

Susan said...

An altogether lovely block, Jo. I spent several minutes on the close-up just admiring each seam. It all seems just perfect.

Gail said...

This is a lovely block...I enjoyed looking closely at each seam, what inspiration. Beautiful!