More 3" blocks

My sewing machine has gone for a service. I was toying with the idea of getting a new one, but we will see how this one goes. I MISS IT. I have plenty to keep me going for the week or so it will be away, but I have become very reliant on it. It will be nice to be able to reverse stich and do the occasional zigzag though.
I pieced 6 more 3" blocks and I have another Tradewinds block to work on. I have dyes to play with, which I am putting off A) because I don't want to screw up the lace I have, and B) I might like it and want to do it more!

In removing my header box, I have removed the ability for visitors to click on the title to go to the 'top' page, hence the new link in the sidebar. I guess playing with widgets and coding is never a good idea, especially if you are could of been worse.

While I am editing some spelling , I must add a link to Gooseflesh, the blog. Helle does absolutley incredible things with shopping bags, and she is an amazing artist to boot. Follow the link in her sidebar to her Flickr album. You won't be sorry.

Mum, if you swing by, "Hi" *wave* ( ps. I say the 'f' word occasionally)


Anonymous said...

Your writing makes me chuckle. Great to have found your blog and thanks for your kind words here and on my blog.
Gooseflesh (Helle)

librarylass said...

Hey! I just found your blog via a link on Random Applique's blog. I am absolutely in love with your crazy quilting, stylish, classy and never over embellished!! I can't wait to see further posts and I may even learn a thing or two!!!!

Cat said...

Hi Jo! I'm laughing at your comment to your Mum! My Mom reads my blog & I always am careful with my motorcycle stories - like "look Mom, no hands" doesn't cut it.

Momma Bear said...

I do, I do like your header1'i liked it befor, I just couldn't read it, that could also be because I'm going blind too!
I'm so impressed you did it yourself>
I just tryed to figure out my links & its turnd out to be a semi sucess, but i'm still doing something wrong. oh well!)

meggie said...

Love dropping in to your blog. Always entertaining & usually beautiful to boot!
I used to make my Mum laugh if I used the F word. She always tut tutted- but laughed anyway!

Susan said...

Those 6 and a Tradewinds *might* keep you busy for a week, if you have a few other things you have to do, like be a wife and mom. =) And daughter! Hope it comes back working perfectly.

Momma Bear said...

thank you so much, for the yahoo site I am logging in as we speak!
you know its funny, my mom is more likely to say the f word than I am!
IF you want to return to my blog its at
Thanks again!

Kelly said...

Even if you get a new machine you should keep your old one in working order "just in case." That is what I did so that I wouldn't have to do without one.

I can't wait til you get your machine back so I can see more of the gorgegous stuff you make.

Anita said...

Hi Jo! I very much like your 3", your embroidery is wonderful (as always) What exactly do you do with them when you finished them?

Hoho, my mum reads my blog, too but never comments... she says she's too shy.... But she's the reason why I always try to post in English AND German.

Have a great Valentine's day!

Gerry said...

I think it's great that you can click on your post and get the link. I haven't been able to figure that one out yet. Any suggestions????