Not CQ!!

There are certain people in our house who are train mad. Thomas this and thomas that. Jon got "THE ULTIMATE" Thomas set for xmas ( really, that's what it's called). It takes up the entire bedroom floor. The photo is only about a third of it. Well Jonno (2 &1/2) decided he wanted to build another track, but not break this track, soooo, fast forward to .........
.....the bathroom floor. These two tracks were later connected to each other. yay (with NO enthusiasm) TootToot!
As a footnote, Thomas was later found IN the bath, which was full of water, AND he was still chugging along. yay (even less enthusiasm)
Thomas lives to toot another day...yay.........


Susan said...

Thomas is very popular over here, too. I hadn't seen the Ultimate set, thanks for the pic. I'm train mad myself, but usually stick to HO gauge. =)

Lauri said...

Hi Jo
My boys now aged 16, 18 and 20 loved Thomas( and still do)
We took the 2nd son to ride on Thomas at the RR museum for his 14th birthday. We got to go on a 20 minute ride. He was so excited
There are much worse things and I love it when they get so excited about stuff