Hearts #49 -#52

I would like to thank you all for the wonderful comments on my stitching. I love to stitch, and I love it even more to know that it is appreciated and admired. During the times that I feel low (which are often, I am an artist after all) it keeps me going to know that someone out there appreciates what I do. So here are what I have worked on over the last week in the evenings, which I must say have been just great! I manage to get Jon down around 7ish, and the others bowl in about 8.30. No sitting around arguing over staying up, or whats on telly. They are so damn tired by the time they come in they are happy to be sent to bed. We have been spending on average about 4 hours a day in the pool. Brooke has taught herself how to swim (and ride a two wheeler) and Jon just loiters around until some teen takes pity on him and catches him as him repeatedly jumps off the side of the pool. We are very lucky with the community spirit within the camp, there is always someone to amuse, chase or retrieve my little man.
Back to hearts..

Heart #49. I really like this heart. Green is definately my favourite colour. There is some of Pats ribbon on here, and Pams vintage tatting.
Heart #50. The 50th heart! I have been thinking about doing a wallhanging of some kind with all the hearts I have received. I had added some eyelets to this heart when I pieced it, not sure where it would go, but it certainly wasn't planned to be the terracotta seascape that resulted. The herringbone (TAST week 1) on the left reminded me of that big floaty kelp, and I added beads to try and create a 'twist' .
Heart #51. Lots of ribbons and roses, and a beaded dragonfly. I don't need to tell you that the picture doesn't do it justice. The dragonfly has some very pretty colours in it that just don't show.
Heart #52. Another green, and some more of Pats delicious ribbon. There is another eyelet in the middle of the spider web. This heart needs some leaves around the rose......

If all you COHs ladies are wondering, these hearts will be put up for swap once I get back from my holiday. I forgot to mention that I am on my weekend off. YEEHAW! Lots of stitching and DVD's, and catching up with everything I have missed. Off to my blog roll and see what all the TASTers have been up to.


Candi Harris said...

Jo your hearts are just breathtaking! They are soooo pretty!

Tami Schmidt said...

I always am inspired when i visit your blog. Your work is very elegant.

Susan said...

I love them all. I want them all! LOL! That brownish one with the herringbone seaweed and the feather stitching is really great. Each heart is beautiful, and each so different from the others. You *have* been having fun!

And after all that swimming, you aren't ready to drop into bed yourself?

hideko said...

I love #49. I love green, too. But I would swap #50 because stitches are so attractive. Anyway, all hearts are nice.

Barbara said...

Hi! love your hearts! When seeing them I feel I still have a lott to learn..*smile* you do wonderfull work!

Anita said...

Oh Jo, you are back! I havn't been to your block recently as I thought you would be on vacation until the end of this month.

OMG, all your new hearts are absolutely stunning, I am really thrilled!!!! Congratulations on your 50th little piece of art!

I just posted my heart No. 7 on my blog, it's a green one, too!

Looking forward to seeing your next hearts!

Ati. said...

Jo, the hearts are georgeous! They become nicer every time you made new ones.

Maddie Can Fly said...

The green hearts are my favorite to (especially the top one). I can't believe you have made 50 hearts -- WOW!!

Thelma said...

Jo, Your hearts are beautiful!! If these are for swaps someone is going to be a happy person.