The best news!

On the day I left home last week, I got a call from mum who had been window shopping. She had gone into a clothing store where she noticed that the owner had some of handmade things on a dresser down the back of the shop. She mentioned to her about my bags and card holders and the lady said "bring them in". After a couple of tries with missing her, we finally got together and.....she bought everything I had with me, for the price I was asking!!! She said she would sell the bags for about $70, which is what I would like to charge, but that is too much for markets. I am really pleased that someone will get that much for my bags, even if it is not me. The card holders she will sell for $25, which I think is too much, but she paid me $12, when I was only looking at charging $8 -$10 a piece. So, I am totally, ecstatically happy, as is my bank account. She gave some really good feedback, and suggestions for different products ,and next seasons colours. Although she liked, and bought the purses with the single SRE motif on, she wants more feminine, lacy, floaty, pretty bags. She especially like the last pouch I did with the print of the girl on. So now I have a whole lot of new stuff to work on.
The downside is that, I finished all the cardholders I was working on, but didn't take pics to post...I didn't really think she would buy them!
So if any of you are swinging past AnnahS in Orewa (NZ), pop in and take a look. I hope they sell, and I hope she will want more.


Virginia said...


Actually, they are good news! I am very glad for you. You are such a talented woman and every artist deserve a chance!


Elizabeth said...

Jo, what great news! I'm rejoicing with you. Your work is very good and I'm so glad to see your labors rewarded!

kay susan said...

Jo that's brilliant! Unfortunately, people who shop in craft markets tend to be looking for 'bargains' and there are usually people who sell their stuff at cost, just to finance their hobby - what they don't realise is that they devalue their own work and everyone else's too. A retailer will understand that you need a decent hourly rate for the work you have put in and because its a shop not a 'market' customers are prepared to pay.

I'm sure your work will sell, because, as we are all telling you, it is really very good.

Anonymous said...

Wow you must be so excited to sell your items and good luck on future sales. I just love your work. It is such a different style from mine. I love to see what other people can do with the same medium and how the results differ so vastly
Good job

Charlene said...

Congratulations! You know I'm a great fan of your beautiful work, and knew you would find the market for those lovely items. It's good to have the feedback from the seller, but don't let it hamper your creativity!

Stacy said...

That's fabulous news. :) And, hate to say it - but:

"I told you so!!!!"

MargaretR said...

Fantastic news Jo. It's a wonderful feeling when someone shows such an appreciation of your work and is willing to pay good money for it. Onwards and upwards.