Heart #53

I am back to reality tomorrow (meaning my kids). I have had a nice weekend to myself, managed to get quite a bit of S.E.X. in (Stash Enhancement Xperience), fabric, threads, dyes (yes I have caved and bought some dyes, just for motifs) and my mum is at symposium this week, and she had an amount to spend for me, which I am informed has been spent, whether or not wisely, we shall see.
Below is heart #53 completed. Sorry about the pic quality, I took it tonight as I'm leaving in the morning. Some of the fabric I got was called boysenberry. I found this print that I got from Pat, and the colours were perfect. The pic at the bottom is the naked heart. I enjoy watching Pam Kelloggs progress pics on her pieces, and although it is not progress, it is nice to see a before and after shot.
Well as I said, back to the bach tomorrow. I should be back around next Wednesday.


Ati. said...

Ohhhh, what a wonderful heart again Jo,I love it how you made the tree integrade in the photo.
And all your neat stitching of course!

Susan said...

Both colors are good, but I'm guessing the bottom is the more accurate one? I love the blue on the boysenberry color. Like Ati, I love the tree! The whole thing just looks wonderful! Some lucky heart swappers coming up!