heart #48 and TAST

I embellished another heart last night, and there were a few herringbone stitches in there that I thought I would highlight for the TAST stitchers. Herringbone was the week 1 stitch.
Below is a leaf motif in herringbone. This was surprisingly easy and I like the outcome. I think herringbone would be an effective fill stitch, it looks good whether worked evenly or randomly.
Next is some detached herringbone put between a row of chevron to add some colour.
And finally, a row of herringbone. Each stitch is worked evenly, but every second one is tied to bring the 'V' down lower.
Here is a link to some leaves I do with buttonhole stitch. Buttonhole is the week 2 TAST stitch.

People often comment on how I get so much done when I have a young family. Well, I don't do a whole lot of housework, Rob does most of that, the kids go to bed about 7.30 and Rob usually goes off about 9.30. I don't got to bed before midnight, so that gives me a couple of hours every night of uninterupted alone time to do as I please. I either stitch or sit here and catch up with you all.


Cat said...

Where have I been!?!? Look at all these beautiful posts! Wow, wow, and wow! Looking at your work makes me want to go get stitching! You are soooo good.

Gerry said...

This is a very nice heart, Jo. The herringbone stitches look wonderful!

Gail said...

Hi Jo,
Your heart is lovely, the color combo is a favorite of mine. I am enjoying all the seam treatments and how you used the herringbone. Thank you for the link to the buttonhole leaves, I have tried them and like them alot.

Ati. said...

Jo I love the heart you made, Nice leaves too!

Charlene said...

...and you make grand use of that time! Your stitching is wonderful!

Susan said...

I love the colors of the background in this one. I always like seeing your hearts, because you often use colors that aren't in my immediate palette, and it's fun to see how they look. Gives me ideas, as does your stitching. I love the leaf! The blue is a nice addition to the brown and gold.

I love those alone late night hours!

Shirley Goodwin said...

Lovely lovely stitching Jo! Herringbone is one of my favourites.

Pam Kellogg said...

Oh my goodness Jo! Everything you do is so gorgeous! Love that cheery Spring block and all of your pouches.
Beautiful work!