Take A Stitch Tuesday

Sharon B has asked for the word to be spread about this challenge, so take a look at the link. Whether you are new to stitchng or not, I just know that whatever Sharon has in store for this challenge will be stimulating, inspiring and interesting.
I haven't said out loud that I am joining this challenge, but it is my intent to follow what everyone is doing, and once I am home and settled agian in Feburary, I think you will see some stitching from me.
Sharons personal library of stitches finishes tomorrow (the forum closes) and I have not done anything for the last two lessons, but I am going to. Lesson six is SOOOO GOOOOD and exactly what I wanted from this class. I have even been journalling ideas!
School run time. Check the link, and Sharon's most recent entry and sign up.


Susan said...

I'm going to be doing the challenge, too. I'll be interested in what you do, as I always am!

Sharon said...

Hi Jo - thanks for pointing people to the take a stitch tuesday challenge I appreciate it - if you do stitch please let me know you have joined in - I would hate to miss anyhting you do -
I am pleased you found the lessons useful - although the class is finnished or will be tomorrow the lessons are written so you can use them for reference material so you should have fun with them still

Susan said...

Wait. Did I miss something? Where are you going over the summer?

ElizabethD said...

Jo, just to chime in, i'm another of those who greatly hope to see you in the Take a Stitch Tuesday whenever you are free (relatively, that is -- I still don't know how a mother of three young children does it). Your work is so dynamic and personal! And I really look forward to seeing what you do with Lesson Six, whenever you do it.