new bag

I finished up this bag tonight, just needed the lining and the some snaps. I think it is very pretty, not me - all pretty and pink- but pretty. Someone will love it I am sure. The ribbon and print are from Pat Winter, and you can find her great stuff here.
I have also been buying some of Pam Kelloggs laces, which you can find here.
Speaking of which, I have had my first official sale, one of the origami pouches. It may have been a pity purchase, but it's a sale so I am not complaining. I have a Playcentre friend coming over on the weekend, she is interested in bags, and another friend has asked for some of the origami pouches with the pohutukawa flowers on and paua etc to give as gifts to ex pat kiwis.

I am not at all prepared for christmas. The stockings are coming along well, but I have nothing else organised. I am a bit bah humbug with my kids, and I don't think they deserve anything for xmas. As it stands so far, Ben is getting the watch that he 'lost' a few months ago, and Brooke is getting a game that she has lost most of the bits to. I am not completely heartless - really- I do beleive that Jon is too young to take total responsibility for his things, so he does have a new gift, but I would be guessing he will get that again next year, minus a few bits.BAHHHH HUMBUG!!

Have you ever googled your name. Very interesting. I wanted to know how famous I am, as it turns out I am a rather freaky alternative pop, kinda weird rock chick. So I bought her CD, and it is a little alternative, but nothing wrong with a new perspective. I also came up with a few of my cousins and other rellies in UK. You think I would have enough to do, but I am avoiding it as usual. We have 1 more week to finish the curriculum re write. We did quite a bit today, but it will need tweaking. I can take heart in the fact that every other association is waiting for us to finish so that they can use our work. A compliment I guess, but as is the nature of Playcentre, there isn't any actual money involved!

Susan asked about me going away for summer. Yes, I will be gone, for about a month to six weeks. Having a break and spending time with my family. My baby sister has a brand new baby of her own this year, and my mother has finally realised that the one bedroom bach just isn't going to work for 10 of us anymore. I don't know that I will get a great deal of stitching done, as there is not room for my stash, but I'm sure I will find something to do.


Ati said...

Jo it is a very nice bag again! You will sell it quick, I am sure. I often read your blog but do not response every time. You are such a busy women. I wish you a very nice summer. It is a bit crazy for me to write it because we have winter storms almost every day. The tops of the mountains are coverded with snow already.

Gerry said...

Your little purse/bag is lovely. It's a little dissapointing, at least for me, to put so much time and effort into a project and not have everyone just LOVE it. And want to buy it. LOL. Good luck to you.

Also, I don't think you're being a bah humbuger. Teaching kids to take responsibility for 'their' stuff is a wonderful life lesson.

Consider just a couple of hours of ME time. It'll be good for you!

Charlene said...

I think the bag is pretty, too. Christmas can take the jolly out of me, too. It will be over before you know it.

As for stitching on vacation - take few clothes and use the cases for stash!

Susan said...

Blogger ate my comment, maybe. It didn't say. =) I love the pink one. Pink isn't my color, either, but I love the way you did the laces. It gave me some great ideas for a couple of laces with which I've been struggling. Thanks! Have a nice vacation!

Elizabet said...

Thats a lovely little bag! Missing you sweetie. Will write you a letter or email when I get the chance!

Jo in NZ said...

Thanks for the comments ladies.
Ati, nice to hear from you.
I know what you mean E. I keep looking for the little green light next to your name....and it's never there :(