for BETA or worse, CQRR & stockings

Well, here we are in beta. I'll let you know in a week or so how it is going. At this point in time there doesn't seem to be much difference, but now they are asking me to upgrade my template, which will lose all my extras...not going there yet.
I have also lost the ability to post to my group blog CQ Crazy, as that blog is not beta yet. Never mind, they will have to come to me. It will take a while to figure out consistent labeling as well, so bear with me.
Here is Jomas block, the whole block, and the part with my work on. I did the spiderweb roses in the top corner, and the leaves and pink fargo roses below it. The seam in the middle was done by someone else. I have tried to balance the blue in the BDE flowers by bringing that in up in the corner. These roses were done with Pat Winters lovely ribbons.
I am sad to say that my two blocks for this RR are currently "missing", along with 4 others.
It is a shame, especially for those who have worked on the blocks, but live and learn I guess.

Here is a pic of one of the stockings I have done. This is for my nanna. Sharon, please note the 'fly stitch' snowflake. I am still using my lesson notes!

Well, This didn't seem much easier at all, still had to uploaded pics the hard way, and cut and paste to get things where I want them. Maybe things haven't caught up yet. I do like the labelling though.


Susan said...

The work you've done on the RR is beautiful. I'm so sorry your two blocks are lost. Is there any possibility they will still turn up?

I love the little snowflake!

Melissa said...

The new benefits to beta are more apparent when you get the new template. I would suggest to copy and paste all your extras into something like notepad on your computer and then you have them stored for adding to the new template. You will have a few frustrations at first because you are learning a new way of adding things, but it really is easy. All your links should transfer to the new template, but just incase I would copy and paste those too as a back up.
You may want to wait to try this until you have some time to just play with it and figure things out so you aren't in a hurry and frusterated.

Good job on your part of the block! You do really nice SRE too!

Shashi Nayagam said...

Just blog hopping by and would like to say your work is beautiful.

Melissa said...

Thanks for your post. I'm still hesitating about beta. Your stocking looks great! I really like your snowflake.

Ati said...

The SRE flowers are beautiful Jo.
I also have ribbon from Pat , it is very soft and works great.
If you change your template you will loose all your links.
I did it and went mad!
Had to start over again, it was easier than with the old blog , but the annoyance was great.