Hideko's RAOK

Hideko and I am currently in the CQI, DYB RR together. I had commented a while ago on some leaves that she had added to a floral motif. They were crocheted, which I cannot do...yet.
With the last mailing of blocks, Hideko sent me these two wonderful books on crochet. "Jo, you read Japanese?" you are thinking. I am a talented woman, but reading Japanese is not one of my many talents, These books however are really well illustratated, and Hideko has given me some good tips for starting out, so I am going to pack them up for summer, and see what I can do. She also sent a variety of hooks and some motifs.
Thankyou Hideko, you are a kind and generous woman.


Susan said...

Those look like great books, if her motifs are anything to go by. I've been playing around with some old crochet patterns - it's easier than tatting, I think. Maybe that's because I already know how to do it. =) I'll look forward to seeing what you create this summer. That and a ball of thread shouldn't take up too much room. You can always dye the white any color later. Does anyone else in your family crochet?

If the skinny little needles turn out to be too hard to handle, Boye does make a cover to go over them and make them fatter - apparently even the skinny hooks will fit inside it. It's very cheap here, so I imagine if you can find one there, it still isn't too bad. There are hooks from Lacis (lassies) that have a bigger cushioned handle on them, and they are nice, too.

hideko said...

You are the most welcome, Jo. My daughter is studying knitting (mainly machine knitting)in UK. She is required both skills of hand knitting and crocheting too. she told me her college teachers are treasuring Japanese instruction books because of their simple signs and diagrams to follow easily. I hope you enjoy to learn a new skill.