We have the Playcentre Christmas party tomorrow. This is a big event on our calendar. We fundraise, and spend a significant amount of money on a few hours food and fun once a year. But , it is worth it. Everthing is ready bar turning up and cooking the barbie.
The weather forecast is bad, and it was bad last year too, and when santa turned up, all the kids were shoved in the block corner, so I am planning for that again. I decided to make it an inviting and christmassy corner, so I spent my session at Playcentre this morning knocking out the above santa mural, which turned out far better than I expected.
It is Playcentre philosophy that we don't draw, make, or do for the children, they learn through doing themselves, and it can also give them a poor self opinion if they feel they can not achieve the same results as an adult, which they cannot...but today that went out the window for me, and I wasn't doing it for them (as in "i can't do it") but, for them to enjoy looking at.
This took me about 2 hours to do.

NOW, big decision time, I can now 'upgrade' to beta. AARRGHH! I don't know what to do. HELP.
I want to, but I'm petrified of it all going horribly wrong. Words of encouragement, or otherwise are required...please.

The christmas stocking marathon is going well. I am meeting my target of one a day, but I have not done anything on the stitching class this week. I didn't get any flashes of inspiration for week 5, which is not a reflection at all on the lesson content, I just didn't get that immediate "I know what to do", and I am also thinking alot about the imminent end of term, and all the finishing up that need to be done, and xmas, which apart form the stocking, I am completely avoiding.
Bah Humbug!!


Stacy said...

I too am wondering about the change to beta. I'm pretty sure I have things coded kind of wonky on my current blog. I think it will be a disaster when I switch over. I'm just ignoring and getting irritated by the constant prompts to switch over now.

I'll be watching to see if you go for it...and how it works out for you! :)

Melissa said...

Me too. I asked to same question on my blog but haven't heard anything back (I don't think I have the readership though).

For now I'm just going to ignore it until the last possible second.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jo
Im not good at code at all. I leave it all to the husband. But I changed to Beta all by myself and I was fine. Blogger copies your blog and sends it to you so if something does not copy over you still have all your code so you can still imput it
I read on another blog

that Blogger just changed her over to Beta na deverything came over fine even her new banner. I know you have a lot more sidebars but I think you might be ok and it easier to do in my opinion. I think since your old blog is completely saved there is not alot of risk
Just my 2 cents
in CJ CO
one of your lucky art meme receipients!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jo!

I switched over to beta all by myself. I only needed help with getting the Around the Block and Susan was a wiz at fixing that.

Susan said...

Love your Santa. People who have switched say it was easy. I've played around with a Beta blog so I could help some people. I don't really see that there's that big a deal about whether one does or doesn't. It's still blogger. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.