No "Joggling" today...

I have not looked at my class samplers today, I have, however completed three more bags for market day, started one more, and still have three 'in progress'. I DID ring and book the stall. The coordinator sounded quite exited to be getting bags, baking and bath bombs. Apparently the last while has been jewellry, jewellry, and a bit more jewellry.

I did a couple more origami pouches. These are bigger than the last one I did, and I intend to market them as cosmetic bags. They just have the seam treatment and the motif. Do you like the MOP button detail on the draw cords?The other one is one of the blocks I did ages ago, just had to construct the bag. All done. I think I was procrastinating with this one because it is my favourite. I will not be sad if this one doesn't sell.


Cat said...

You get a lot done! Do you have a local market place that you sell in?

I had to laugh when you said you procrastinated w/ your favorite one, I do the same thing since I sell all my work on ebay; I will put off finishing something that I start getting attached to! I have a few unfinished quiltie pieces for that reason.

Susan said...

They will all sell! You'll be swamped by people who don't want to look at jewelry. =)

I love those bags with just a seam and a motif. Great idea!