Joggles - lesson 4

I have made a start on a new sampler. This is on felt, and I feel like I have my freedom back!! While the linen was good for keeping stitches even, and stitching with wool etc, I really felt confined and resticted by the grid. I started to get away from it with the last freeform sampler, but I love the felt. Not sure where this is going. Week 4 is about density and scale, and I have read thru it once, but I do not have enough paper to print the whole lesson, so I want to sort that and read again (all Sharons lessons deserve at least 2 read thrus, if not three or four).

I HAVE been working on other stuff. Put together 2 origami pouches for the market day. The are not CQ, but do have a nice wee motif stitched on them. Just have the handles to add to another bag, so I am getting there. I looked at the art memes, and I thought about the DYB. I only have one more seam to do for that, so the end is in sight.

Well, off to do.... something.........but what?

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Susan said...

I really like what you did with this design. I like them nestling and going in opposite directions. Looks a little like a waterfall. =)