Following my own suggestion, here is a pic of one of my current projects. It is looking very 'plain jane' at the moment, and it won't get to much more exciting, because it's a bag, and I prefer less embellishment on those, but you will see change, and that's the whole point! I do love the flower, it just 'pops' off the block. This will be my first piece I put up for sale.

I am embarking on a DYB RR soon. I am very excited about this, their are some great CQers that will be embellishing a block for me. I am looking forward to be able to complete an entire block. Although I enjoy the RR I am in, I either don't know where to start, or, I don't want to stop, so to not have to stop, once I figure out where to start, will be a great thing!!!
As the block are done I will post the naked block and the finished block and tell you a bit about the wonderful women who have taken this journey with me. It is a very international group, with my blocks going to USx2, Japan x 2 and Portugal, and theirs will come to New Zealand.

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May Britt said...

A stupid question...but what is a DYB RR. I know it is a RR but what is DYB. I started a CQRR this spring and I think my RR will come home to me today in the mailbox. I am so curios what the ladies have done. Have had a peek on it several times but not the finished one. I am planning to start or join another RR soon because this was fun. Want to have a RR with friends outside Norway too.