FINALLY...Oriental Tote

Firstly,this is my 200th post. Woohoo!!
My Oriental Tote has finally arrived with it's new owner, Elizabet, in the UK, and I can post pics. I am really in love with this bag, and I miss it, but I have an equally great one to replace it. I have lots of pics, so enjoy. My absolute favourite motif is the tree. Everything looks great against that blue background! Elizabet professes love for the bag to, which is a relief. It's always a worry whether your swap partner will like what is made.

Here are the naked blocks that I started with. I had a great plan for a kimono bag, with the sleeves hanging free down each side like a kimono, but it just wasn't going to be practical, and Elizabet wanted a long handle so she could sling the bag across her body, that plan involved 'hand' (?) handles.
You can see closeup pics on my flickr site (link in sidebar)
Tomorrow I will post how I assembled the bag. I'm not good at linings, so I do things a little differently. You can see that I did make a few changes to the kimono side. I changed the fabric down each side. I felt it was to bold, and I took the black ribbon off the centre panel. It covered alot os stitching, because the seams are so small. It was actually quite fun piecing on a small scale. Maybe their are mini CQ in my future?


Micki said...

Your work is really beautiful. I love the tree on this piece.

Ribbonwiz said...

Love it!
The tree is beautiful...the more I see of these oriental fabrics the more I love them..
Thanks Jo

seoulsisterstevens said...

Wow- simply stunning.

I am glad you showed the unembellished blocks as well as the embellished. The embroidery sure makes the blocks sing!

Very pretty!

sharonb said...

This is a georgeous bit of work and I too love the tree - I have been stuck on my quilt that i started afer I came back from China and I think this mght be a kick start - so thanks

Congrats on your 200 th post too

Maureen said...

Congratulations on how the crane block flows into the tree.Both patches are beautiful.You should be satisfied with the result.

Elizabet said...

I DO love it, i do,i do, i do!

Do you mind if i steal the kimono idea for something I am making my mum?

Rissa said...

It looks amazing. Love the colors.