heart #38

This poor heart has been sitting around for a while, with just the ribbon kelp done. I was finally inspired to finish it. I have offered it to someone who expressed interest a while ago, so it may already be swapped! but I haven't heard from her yet. I think it has turned out quite well. I runched up a square of blue organza on the right, you can just see shadows, it looks like water moving. I had a little fish left from my oriental bag (whoops , did I just give somwthing away LOL). I did some more free form embroidery down the bottom (sorry the pic is not that good). I'm a bit put off by the two cats eyes - with the beads they look a bit like boobies!...but who ever saw a pair of boobies on the ocean floor?

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Micki said...

Jo, this is really lovely. I love the theme of "underwater".