the rest of the bags

Thanks for the comments on the previous bags. If you are wondering about size, the squares are 8" blocks, and the rectangle is about 8x6".
I have some 'work' (wash my mouth out) that I have to do, so I won't be assembling bags today. But I have made a great start.

The colours aren't so great in these pics. The pics of the naked blocks were taken outside, and they are fairlky close to true. The blue is lovely and vibrant, and the purple has a really pink tinge to it. Well I have run out of blocks to embellish...I might
have to fix that, after all I won't be 'working' tonight in front of the telly, will I?

Now, I feel I have to say this, as it is very rare to hear anything good abut the tax department, but today, I LOVE IRD!! and I think I made poor Nigel's day when I told him so. They have given me back a significant refund. Nigel got my exclamations of love when I rang to check that the money was actually mine, and they wouldn't be taking it back. (Although I love, I DO NOT trust!). So, I am a very happy Jo today. Most of it will go away for a rainy day....but not all of it....

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Susan said...

Even if the colors aren't true, the pics still show how lovely the blocks are.

What's IRD?