Tag , you're it!.....and a catch up

Julia has tagged me to list 5 weird things about me (or my pets), and tag five others. So weird things, gosh, I've often been called weird, but that was in my younger days when myself and my peers were under the influence of....eh-hem...stuff.
1. I have a rare hereditary form of colour blindeness - it is blue/ yellow, not red/ green ...weird!
2. I had a stigmatism in one eye, its not there anymore, and stigmatisms, apparently, don't just go, but mine did...weird!
3. I have had alot of cats...5 of them named JIM...is that 5 weird things??
4. I don't feel labour pain, I only know I'm having a baby when the head starts to crown....weird, and a bit scary!
5. Maybe not weird, but interesting - I have 9 piercings (calm down, 8 are in my ears!) and 2 tattoos. I would have more of everything if I could afford it and a had a 'temple' suitable for public display.
I am going to tag Maureen C, Hideko, Ktj , Stacy and Cat (when you are back online).
You don't have to answer, but it's only 5 things, so I didn't think it was too much of an imposition.

I have been away for a couple of days, actually spending time with my children - there's another weird thing - I much prefer my children when they are far away, and with someone else, not that they are bad kids, they are just, well, kids, you know. There was a reason I've had a lot of cats, they look after themselves- had a nice few days, I am home now, with just Jono, and we are going to do fun stuff tomorrow (how much 'fun' can you have with a 2yr old!).
I also signed up for one of Sharons classes. No more procrastinating, I want to do it, and thanks to IRD ( our NZ tax department, Susan. Inland Revenue Dept) I can afford it without too much guilt at where the money could be better spent.
My sister is expecting her first baby any day now, and I think she is hoping that my kind of labour is hereditary!
My dad is finally going back to England for a visit. He leaves Saturday. He has always been very funny about going back, but finally, he's made the decision, and I think he is really looking forward to it. I can tell this because he keeps deciding to extend his stay!! Not good timing with baby coming, but he has always managed to avoid births anyway.

So, thats about it. I will post pics tomorrow of the bit of stitching I did while away. I worked on Jammies WOW block, and I really enjoyed it!! I was dreading it, but it was actually really good to focus on the stitching and texture, without having to worry about colour.( hummm, I wonder if white on white paragraph should follow birthing paragraph? Don't worry Jammie, I won't take it to the labour suite with me, promise)
I'm off to read a book, not something I do often anymore, but I do love books.


Susan said...

Which class are you taking? My best friend and I are going to do the one on the 18th. I was really tempted toward the other, but we're doing it together, so I let her pick.

Susan said...

BTW, I also tend to like my children at a distance. I love them all the time, but I *like* them at a distance. =)