A piccie to keep you going

Well, I haven't had any pics for a few days, so here is something to look at. This is the start os my next motif (sorry-bad pic). I will do a rundown tomorrow of the where abouts of all the travellers on the paisley bus, show you a pic of my next paisley bag, tell you about a wee giftee that arrived....I'm sure there is more.


Susan said...

I like the beginning of this paisley. I finished my peacock today, so tomorrow, or maybe later tonight, I'm starting the paisley block. Guess what? The design I'm going to do inside came off my favorite source - toilet paper. =)

Ati said...

Gosh, this is amazing,your third bag and again so nice !!
Thank you also for the idea with the form of using a paperpiece for making a wheel. Never thougt of that. Never too old to learn something! LOL.