These first pics are of the 3rd 'paisley bauble bag' I am making. This is a better pic of the motif. I have used some holographic sequins on this ( another one of the things I would of thought I would NEVER use). They add a nice sparkle in the light. The motif needs to be 'filled in' and that empty pick piece needs something, apart from that...almost done.

These papers and Paisley fabric were sent to me by a member of the Chains of Hearts group. Vanessa doesn't have a blog or website as far as I know. In fact, I don't know Vanessa very well at all. We swapped hearts. We haven't conversed at all, and for that reason, I am absolutely blown away by this gift. This is a tru RAOK gift. I have recieved other lovely packages ( Maureen, Catherine, Sandie + goodies with heart swaps), but this was completely unexpected. Thankyou Vanessa, for your kindness and generosity.

Kay Susan at Smockery has completed another paisley, made from dishclothes. I kid you not!
Hideko has added some paisley to a white block. This is her flickr page where you can see two motifs .
We have also had Connie at The Scoop, Score and Deal
Linda at Chloes Place...and aren't we all glad to see you back blogging!!
Lillian at Crazy Seoul Sister
Tosh at Stitch Treasures
Kay Susans first paisley postcard done in Crewel is here. (do you need my snail mail Kay??)
Ati at Ati on the Crazy Road... is also in the paisley bauble bag swap. Here is her first bag and a sequined motif.
Finally, Janet at The Other Side Of the Fence. Janet also had an interesting post about verigated threads a bit before this one.

If there are anymore of you out there, leave a comment and I'll add you too.

Phew, that was hard work. SharonB, if you're stopping by, there must be an easy way to do this roundup business ( other than opening widows, cut'n'paste) . Speaking of SharonB, she is again looking into the purpose of blogs, and their place in todays textile world as an autobiographical record, Sharon gives some well though out perspectives and the comments left by readers are just as interesting.


May Britt said...

Such lovely blocks. I think I have to try to make some paisly me too. They look so nice.
And what a great gift you got from Vanessa. Lucy you. I know you will make something beatiful of it.

Nathalie L. pour Histoires de boites à couture said...

Hi Jo,
J'ai cherché longtemps la traduction du mot "Paisley", en France on dit "motif Cachemire". C'est un motif typique des anciens tissus de Provence. Vos "Paisley" sont superbes et tous très créatifs, et il semblerait que la Paisleymania me gagne. Un joli site avec des "vintage paysley" merci Jo et à très bientôt.

Susan said...

That paisley you did looks like a piece of lace! The whole thing is so lovely.

Lucky you with Vanessa's gift!

MargaretR said...

These are really fantastic Jo and that paisley tatting is wonderful. Now, tell me why do you manage to get me wanting to try everything you do? I haven't done any CQing recently, not that I don't want to, but I have hit a patch of asthma for some reason, not had it for years.
You made me want to do the tatting and now you've got me wanting to do something paisley!

sharonb said...

Jo I use bloglines to pull any recent feeds in for me - you need to set up a free account - list the blogs you read - and then let it do the work for you - anything new is highlighted and is pulled into the reading area - then you can quickly scan what has been going on

I did write a long post on managing blog reading

It might be useful

Also I think I am tempted to join this challenge - start of the week is busy for me but by mid week I hope to have something started