more Paisley mania

Hideko at Wind From the East has added a beautiful white paisley to a block she is working on.

Kay Susans paisley is getting out of control....LOL. Kay is doing her Paisley in crewel stitches. Go and see her progress.

Rumor has it that someone we all admire just might jump on this paisley bus with us....I'll keep you posted.

I'm off to stitch on my 'Oriental' bag. No more pics of this Elizabet, it will give to much away. Lets just say, you wanted spider web've got 'em!!


Susan said...

Paisleys are my next project after the peacock heart. It's about half finished, so by week's end I get to play with my paisley ideas. Thanks for the links. It's fun to see what others are doing with them.

StitchCat said...

Hi Jo, I have lurked around your blog for some time now...I dabble in crazy quilting and do lots of needlework. You have just signed up to be part of my group stitchNZ...fairly quiet, but I hope you enjoy your time there...and things get busier there again, sometime soon.