Cream on cream..kinda, but with green ( & a vent too!)

This is what I whipped up yesterday. It was supposed to be a card, but I didn't have time to finish it, which is what happens when you start something at 3pm and have to be there by 7!!! I almost got it done, to a point that I would of been happy to use it, but I had to slot it into this photo slot thingy, then I wanted to iron it so the interfacing stuck to the card and kept it all in place. Great plan, not great time management.
I'm surprised at how much I like this, the colours are very subtle, and the green and pink are just right. The colours aren't great in the photo. Not sure what I will do with this now. I thought I might swap it on COH even though it not strictly ( well, not at all) a heart, but it is similar in size......

Now for the fun stuff. My 11 year old step daughter has decided to develop an attitude, strongly fuelled by long lasting resentments of her 19 yr old sister. FUN FUN FUN. Have been thru all this shit with Tiffany and I have no intention of having years of it again with Shelby, so I rang her mother and told her just that. I'm afraid that Shelby can't dwell on the fact that her dad does more with our kids than he does with her. HELLO, we live together!!! We see her one night a week for dinner and she stays every third weekend, visitation arrangments that her mother made when she was being a bitch and trying to hurt Rob by keeping the kids from him. I understand that it is difficult for Shelby, but I think alot of this latest stuff is trying to get her mums attention, and it is terribly effective to blame dad. Her mother is not the best at giving her time and attention, doling out money is the usual cure, so a quick bitch about dad to big sister gets good results.
Well, I could go on about this for HOURS, days in fact, but I'm not going to. I have the life I have, but if we do get to do it again, as much as I love Rob, I wouldn't go near anyone with an ex wife and children. Sad but true. I have enough of my own baggage, without having to deal with everyone elses crap. I'm not being heartless here, but you try dealing with a vindictive ex wife ( even though she ended their marriage) and a teenager hell bent on making everyones lives as miserable as possible. I have my own children to consider now, and I'm not having all this crap played out in my livingroom week in and week out.

This blogging lark is great. Not only do I get to vent, but I know that someone will read it, and a problem shared is a problem halved. So thanks, I feel better all ready.

good night.


Cat said...

Yes, the subtle colors are beautiful, and yes, step-parenting is hell. I have been fortunate not to have to deal w/step-daughters (you poor thing) and my 2 step sons were 14 & 16 and didn't bother me if I didn't bother them. The horror came w/ one of my sons to my husband. He never could figure out the 2 dad thing and could not be civil to his step dad in fear of dissapproval from his dad...
I have come to believe that after a divorce it is best not to remarry until you have an empty nest... but who am I to say... I love my husband very dearly too.

Calidore said...

Love the card Jo - stunning colour combination.

As for the kids - well think of it this way. One day they will have kids of their own - and when they give them hell and they come running to you for advice - you will be able to say - Stiff - I dealt with it, now you have to. Remember (and this probably isn't nice to say about kids) what goes around comes around.
Keeping you in my thoughts.



hideko said...

Jo, I know you are a very young Mam. When I imagine your situation, I always feel deep repects for you. When I was your age (I also have three children), I was so exhausted I had no energy to do such a wonderful creative work like you. And you are doing more. Children will grow year by year. When tired, you can complain. I always love to see your works. I think you are a natural.

MyBliss said...

Been there, done that. Unfortunately, still doing that. My stepchildren are 31 and 35, I have kept my mouth shut, I have reached out thru the years, and keep getting my hand smacked. This 4th of July, I drew my boundary. No more. They are adults, my husband is disprespected almost as much as I am. Their mother and stepfather are respected, even though my stepson lived with us from 14 thru college. Second year of college took us to court for college support while living in our home. Still forgave and kept treating nice. Didn't help, like I said, it might have been small disrespect this 4th, but last October I helped out alot for my stepson's wedding while neither mother volunteered any money or time. All live in FL, but I didn't even get a phone call from either mother. Then to treat me and my husband as we were treated just lately, really was the straw that broke the camels back. I was hoping as they got older all this silly stuff would stop and we could be a happy family, but not going to happen, at least not yet. But now, they will have to prove themselves to me, I have done my share. I totally relate to you and wish I could say it gets better, I guess sometimes it does. I share your feelings, my husband is, I believe the right one for me, and I love him dearly, but I would not do it again either.