My baby, Jon, turned 2 on Thursday. Time has gone so quickly, hopefully it will contine that way, and before I know it 20 years will have gone by, and I can be celebrating the 'empty nest' cycle of my life. I know I say 20 years, but I am thoroughly researching ways to get them to move on more quickly, while still feeling loved and behaving like well adjusted members of society. I think the navy/army takes them quite young....
We don't do to much for the kids when they are little in the way of parties. We had a special morning tea at Playcentre, where we do the cake and song business. The piccie is of Jon flanked by his two 'girls', Katie and Chloe. Do you like the cake. I really enjoy doing the kids cakes. This one worked out well, and I got the desired reaction "Mum, toot toot!"

This is my latest heart. It has sat half finished for a while. This is going to Vanessa in USA. Don't worry Hideko, there is a blue one in the works for you .
This is the latest embellishment on my bag block. The colour isn't good in the photo. The flowers are done with a gorgeous bronze ribbon. I have struggled with the lace underneath . I have already moved it twice. I have tried other laces but they were all to white or cream. This is actually a pale green. It needs a bit more work. Used Sharon B's up and down buttonhole stitch here. I am also not happy with the spider web, but not enough to do anything about it.

Well thats this weeks up date. Weekly seems to be all I can manage at the moment. I've been very busy with the Playcentre Training re write, which none of you will be interested in, unless your on the ed team of another association that hasn't done thiers yet!! I don't think I have any NZ readers ( apart from Crazy Calvin) so I won't bore you with that. I will be spending the rest of today putting together the 'commentors' kit, basically the answers for submitted written work.
This week is Moari language week so I leave you with this
Ka kite ano . Aroha nui
eh hoa.
(goodbye for now. Big love to my friends)


Maureen said...

A belated happy birthday wish for Jon....looks like he had a "good one"!
You don't mention the work on Helen's or Sharon's RRs or,or......busy girl!Just don't wish for the empty nest feeling too hard.....but then,that's only a temporary hiccup....they'll be like boomerangs and return ,trust me!

Calidore said...

Happy Birthday Jon - he looks like he is having fun. Love the heart and your bag block. You have been a busy girl. Ohh and I know what you mean about looking forward to the empty nest - I do it too...lol.

Elizabet said...

love the cake!

abeautifulcraft said...

Jo, had a wonderful catch up read this morning of your blog. I don't often get in as I can't load it .. picture intensive plus! LOL .. but while connection is good, I make the most and read blogs!!!!!! Love the cake for Jon .. he's a cutey too! All your CQ work is gorgeous and I love your spider web roses they are stunning! Hugs Sandie

katiejayinpa said...

Just a shortie here as i can;t spend too much time in thisd hot room of mine, but these blocks are drop dead gorgeous! The hearts and the blocks i mean....all the work is stunning...and while you may not care for the spide4 web, i think it is the right decision to leave it in...there is a lot it will add to the mix. Ohhh girl!


Bhavani said...

Happy Birthday to Jon.
You have lovely children
I plan to do a lot of things once my sons get into college. No. 1 will be off next year. Another 6 years of schooling left for the younger one.
I hope to get up anytime I please in the morning then.
Your work is beautiful.
Good health and cheer to you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Your bronze roses are lovely. If this is not a good photo, they must be amazing in person!

MargaretR said...

Beautiful work as usual Jo. You have a lovely little boy, but don't wish your life away, just enjoy every minute of it. When you reach a certain age time just flies past and then you will wish it slowed down. How I wish my sons were that age again(smile)

Cat said...

He's adorable! I had a blond haired 2 year old once... he's driving now. Oh it goes so fast!

I agree with Debbie, the bronze roses are beautiful! I wish I could do roses. At a time in my Dad's life he decorated wedding cakes and made beautiful roses out of icing. I used to dream of making icing roses too.

Stacy said...

The cake is freaking adorable. Great job. And, have to say that I love the flower segment you did on the purple-ish heart. (the one that appears to have blooms and roots under the ground? Don't know if that's the intention but it looks like that to me...and is SO lovely!)

Anonymous said...
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