Stuff I've been doing

Here is all the stuff I have been working on lately. This is all swaps and RRs. Working on other peoples blocks isn't that easy. Firstly, it's not my block and they may not like my style of embellishment. Secondly, it's not my block, and therefore not the colours or pstterns I would use. I have struggled with that. I definately prefer plainer fabrics on my blocks, and not too many colours. I find this is much easier to work on, for me.
I was looking at some mags on the weekend, with this fantastic crazy quilt in it, and I loved it, but I don't see myself ever making one like it. I am not confident with putting a whole lot of different colours together, that in my mind, don't 'go' with each other. But this is the way these quilts were done, and they look fabulous, so this will be an area for me to work on. My poor neglected bed size CQ is like this, and I do like it, but I'm hesitant to go back to it, because I have learnt so much in the past, gosh, not even a year, that I know the other blocks will end up being embellished differently to the ones I have already done. Maybe I should just look at it as a record of my CQ journey.

This block is part of the CQforNewbies swap. We all made blocks, and they were sent out to other people, they we had to half embellish the blocks we got, and they will be sent back. This first on belongs to Amy from In The Fold. Amy has some piccies of a antique CQ. Go look.
This is also a CQForNewbies block. This one is from Rebecca. Rebecca also has a blog .

This is Rozhearts needlecase. This is part of the RR I am participating in. My first one!! This is a nerve racking experience too. But at least there will be lots of other peoples work on this too. The needlecase is quite small, and the RR group is quite big, which means we were limited to one seam and one block to embellish. I think I would like to work on something bigger. This seemed to be over before I had begun!
And... this is the needlecase I am working on for the CQforNewbies swap. It will be a one to one straight swap, and I get to embellish the whole thing. This is the same pattern as Rozhearts needlecase, but I ommitted a couple of the smaller pieces of fabric so I had longer seams.


Elizabet said...

Jo, you've made some beautiful stuff!
WOW! Love the purple heart and the Teddy Bears Picnic.
Wondering about transfering my blog over to Blogger as a lot of CQers seem to use it.

Elizabet said...

Jo, what stitch do you use to do the cobweb?