HEART #26 & #27

Working on hearts again. #26 was a request from a lady in the UK. She wanted purples and greens like hearts #2.So that is ready to go. . #27 is my sea theme heart. This was fun to do. I would like to get some proper charms though.

and, from the previous post... I said there had been no MSG or chocolate, there had also been no caffiene or speed. It's just my brain !!


Amy said...

Jo, I just love you color combinations is all of your work. The fabric look hand dyed. Just fantastic.
Amy in ND

Virginia said...

I agree with Amy. It is beautifull.

I like the composition of the heart #26. By the way, which kind of fiber did you use for the white seaweed?

Virgi in Canada

Jo in NZ said...

Hi9 Virginia. It is just a fancy yarn, from the yarn section of my local craft supplier.