Blog Flog

Today I would like you to go and visit Robyne Melia's blog Crazy Patchwork Quilt and have a look at this absolutely fantastic 'fantasy' tree. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Now, what the heck can I find to put it on.
That's all today. Stitching on my needlecase and thinking about starting a block for a competition at CQforNewbies. That is completely secret squirrel stuff, no photos or anything. We received baggies from someone else, and we are to contsruct a block with only the contents of the baggie + 2 things from our own stash. The group then vote on the best block. I think this will be a difficult task, because I have a few things I like to add to blocks, so people are going to know I made it, and if I try something different, it may end up completely crap! Oh well.....


Bobby said...

Thankyou so much Blossom! I just found your comment next to my tree. Do you want to send me a picture when you do your own 'Fantasy' Tree?
Thanks for the vote of confidence!

SympleTymes/PrimitiveRose said...

HI Jo stopped in to let you know I LOVE LOVE your CQ Blocks oh gosh they are beautiful!I have got to learn how to do this!