Here we go.....100th post

100 posts since November, thats about 1 a day. I must thank Maureen for getting me started on this path. She invited me to join CQ Crazy, and after about a week of that I decided I needed my own blog! So here we are. I enjoy my blog, and I especially enjoy the blogs of others, some of who I now have more than just a passing aquaintance with. I have enjoyed the generosity of people from all around the world, both with gifts and words of encouragement and sympathy. It's great to be able to sit down and catch up with friends every day.

Todays piccies are of Zandra's heart. Zandra has created this piece of art with stumpwork, something I know nothing about. It is just beautiful. The photo does not do it justice at all. I know there were several hopefuls for this heart over CoH. If there are any of you who read this blog, and don't feel their sewing/embroidering/CQing skills ( it's not just for CQ)would be good enough to joining this group, you're wrong! This bunch of ladies are so welcoming and encouraging and friendly. Give it a go!

Nothing witty, funny or philosophical, just my usual post.
FAB blogsters.........over and out!


Maureen said...

Congrats on making a ton Jo....I bet you had no iea last November what you'd be involving yourself in so soon :-)
I think I'll come visit and "liberate" Zandra's heart.It's gorgeous!

MargaretR said...

100th birthday Congratulations Jo. I have enjoyed my daily visits. You never know, I might one day make some hearts for CQ hearts.

Iris said...

Congratulations Jo, I'm looking forward to getting my own heart from Zandra to drool over.

Ribbonwiz said...

Love Zandra's heart, well it's your now, you lucky girl.
Keep posting Jo, and look forward to reading the next 100

Calidore said...

Happy 100th Post Jo. I love your blog just wish we could meet one day.

Your Stitching

PS That heart is stunning.